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Small compartment cabinet MBG 25

Small compartment cabinet MBG 25

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Small compartment shoe MBG 25 is a robust shoe consisting of 25 numbered compartments that are locked with keys. Smart shoe that with the help of the 4 pre-drilled holes in the back is easily attached to the wall.?

Scope of use?
The shoe is optimal for placement in many different places such as hospitals, schools, etc. Many different places such as hospitals, schools, sports halls, workplaces, etc. where a secure place is needed for storing personal items such as mobile phone, wallet, jewelry, etc.?

Each compartment is equipped with key locks including 2 keys, where each compartment has individual locking. There are also 3 master keys that can open all doors.

Security - easy fixing?
The MBG 25 compartment cabinet is easy to fix to the wall as it is pre-drilled with 4 holes in the back and screws are included.
Article no 5356


  • Specification
  • External height: 845 mm
    Outside width: 1070 mm
    External depth: 188,4 mm
    Internal height: 145 mm
    Internal width: 190 mm
    Internal depth: 185 mm
    Weight: 63 kg
    Guarantee: 2 years
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Small compartment cabinet MBG 25

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