Computer & laptop trolleys

A computer cart is a great way to lock up a laptop. MBG Sweden constructs security themselves. We understand our laptop carts and can provide fast, local support. Our laptop carts accommodate laptops, ipads, chromebooks and tablets - perfect for schools and offices. Safely protect valuable information and hardware while allowing easy access to computers. Free shipping and fast delivery.
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Robur Safe Laptop/Cart Light
1115 x 446 x 692 mm
Price on request
2700 excl. VAT

Swedish security since 2001

MBG Sweden has been a leading player in security products and services since 2001. But we are not satisfied, we work with continuous improvement.

MBG Sweden started with its own mission 13 to think, design and engineer security ourselves. We understand our products and can provide fast, local support. We've also cut out all the middlemen 13 so you get the best price.
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