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Security at Le Bristol

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A fusion of art, design and fine dining

Hotel Le Bristol Paris is a luxury hotel on Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. It stands as an icon of French elegance and lifestyle, choosing MBG Sweden as its supplier of custom-made safes.

A hotel like Le Bristol demands high security for guests' valuables. Long-term and bespoke solutions with timeless design and high quality were key factors in selecting the supplier.

Tailored Hotel Solutions

MBG Sweden’s hotel safes are developed for each environment in collaboration with architects and designers. Regardless of security protocols and specific requirements, we create a safe with the right lock, dimensions, and interior.

Le Bristol: The First Palace Hotel in France

MBG SoHo – Award-Winning and Popular

Our award-winning MBG SoHo design has been chosen by several renowned hotels around the world. The design is timeless, combining high security with long-term thinking in construction. Our latest delivery is to an exciting new hotel in Saint-Tropez.

The beauty of MBG SoHo safes is that even small businesses and individuals can now enjoy the best possible protection. We offer a wide standard range, allowing you to choose the size, security level, and price point that suits your needs.


Total Suites and Rooms

Benefits of Our Hotel Safes

Choosing MBG Sweden offers more than just customized solutions and timeless design. Our construction is built for the long term, ensuring spare parts and service are always available. Additionally, we provide a broad selection of standard models at competitive prices, ensuring everyone can find the right product at the right price.

The hotel includes the exclusive restaurant 114 Faubourg, a spa, massage services, and a pool.

The go-to choice for hotels

Since its inception in 2001, MBG Sweden has developed the expertise to conceive, design, and construct security products independently. We understand our products and provide fast, local support. Today, we are Sweden’s leading manufacturer of security products, serving customers worldwide. We continually work on improving and developing new products.

We raise safety standards at a top Paris Hotel

MBG Sweden has helped Le Bristol increase safety in all the hotel's suites and rooms. At this type of hotel, guest safety is paramount. Valuables must have the best possible protection, and the safe should have a timeless design and work flawlessly for many years. Long-term reliability is key. We would like to thank Le Bristol for their trust and an excellent collaboration.

Martin Blomdahl

MBG Sweden
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