Computer storage / Computer cabinets

MBG Sweden's solutions for computer storage orcomputer cabinets, include everything from large lockable cabinets with charging facilities for several computers to small cabinets for one laptop, as well as a laptop trolley. At MBG Sweden, you'll find security-rated and unrated lockers for laptops, ipads and mobile phones.

The cabinets are designed to meet the needs of schools, offices and IT companies where secure storage and charging facilities for computers are essential. Our lockable computer lockers offer a reliable solution to protect and organize your computers and other electronic devices in a safe environment.

With various configurations and the possibility of built-in computer charging, our computer lockers are perfectly suited for daily use in schools and workplaces where the need for charging and safe storage is high. Our cabinets are also suitable for industrial use where the requirements for robustness and protection are extra important.

Whether it's for a school environment where students' computers need safe storage and charging between lessons, an office where employees' computers need to be protected and charged at the end of the day, or an IT company that needs to organize its computers and accessories in a secure way, MBG Sweden offers a versatile and reliable solution for computer storage.

Explore our range today and invest in a secure and practical computer storage solution that meets the needs of your institution or workplace.

For users who also need mobile storage for their computers and accessories, including charging facilities, we recommend our range of mobile storage cabinets. Discover our mobile storage cabinets here.

MBG Sweden started in 2001 with a mission of its own - to think, design and engineer security ourselves. We understand computer storage and can provide fast, local support with our own service team.

Laptop cabinet Robur Safe RSK 1600
Price on request
2509 excl. VAT
Laptop cabinet Robur Safe RSK 1800
Price on request
3000 excl. VAT
Laptop cabinet Robur Safe RSK 700
Price on request
1691 excl. VAT
Robur Safe Laptop/Cart Light
1115 x 446 x 692 mm
Price on request
2700 excl. VAT
Safe deposit box MBG Gustav
200 x 520 x 406 mm
Price on request
236 excl. VAT
Safe deposit box MBG Nova 2043
200 x 435 x 381 mm
Price on request
175 excl. VAT
Safe deposit box MBG Nova 2043 RFID
Price on request
207 excl. VAT

Swedish security since 2001

MBG Sweden has been a leading player in security products and services since 2001. But we are not satisfied, we work with continuous improvement.

MBG Sweden started with its own mission 13 to think, design and engineer security ourselves. We understand our products and can provide fast, local support. We've also cut out all the middlemen 13 so you get the best price.
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