Mobile phone locker with charging

MBG Sweden's mobile storage and charging cabinets are the perfect combination of secure mobile phone storage and charging. Our mobile charging cabinets are specially designed to meet the needs of schools, hospitals, workplaces and conference centers where the need for charging facilities is high.

With built-in charging sockets and secure charging systems, users can safely store their devices while they are being charged. Our mobile charging storage cabinets are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit different uses and needs.

Invest in the safety of your mobile phones with our mobile charging storage cabinets and enjoy convenient and organized storage. Explore our range today and discover why our charging mobile storage cabinets are the perfect choice for your institution or workplace.

For users who also need secure storage without charging function, we recommend our complete range of mobile storage cabinets.

Mobile phone locker MBG 32 with charging, key lock
Price on request
1364 excl. VAT
Mobile phone locker MBG 32 with charging, combination lock
Price on request
1473 excl. VAT
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