Shredder security class P-5

At MBG Sweden you will only find document dryers of the highest quality. In this category you will find machines that dry documents in security class P-5. The carbon-hardened blades in these machines cut the paper using a cutting technique known as cross-cut, whereby the particles left behind are extremely difficult to extract information from.

The machines in this class are well suited to the destruction of medium-sized documents. The range includes shredders for both small and large offices. If you feel that this level of security is not sufficient, you can look at You can look at our machines in security class P-6 or P-7.
Shredder MBG 245 TS C2
610 x 400 x 360 mm
Price on request
1012 excl. VAT
Shredder MBG 260 TS C2
1000 x 400 x 360 mm
Price on request
1082 excl. VAT
Shredder MBG 270 TS C2
880 x 540 x 430 mm
Price on request
1222 excl. VAT
Shredder MBG 310 TS CC2
1070 x 530 x 430 mm
Price on request
1798 excl. VAT
Shredder MBG 410 TS C2
1040 x 600 x 480 mm
Price on request
3142 excl. VAT
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