Document cabinet MBG 1100-2 code lock in the group All products / Filing cabinets at MBG Sweden (MBG5286)
Document cabinet MBG 1100-2 code lock
Document cabinet MBG 1100-2 code lock

Document cabinet MBG 1100-2 code lock

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The MBG 1100-2 document safe is a robust medium-sized document safe that protects paper against fire for at least 2 hours. This means, among other things, that it is approved for the storage of, for example, personnel files. office or at home, is used mainly for storing documents in various forms, business documents, contracts, etc. There is space for storing 2 rows of files for a total of 14 files. In addition, there is additional space for storage on

Certification, fire class
The cabinet has fire protection 120P according to NT Fire 017 and has been tested and certified at the Swedish Testing and Research Institute. 120 P means that the cabinet has been tested to protect paper against fire for at least 120 minutes at temperatures of

Ecode reader
The MBG1100-2 is a rigid cabinet equipped with an electronic code reader.
Article no MBG5286


  • Specification
  • Anti-theft class: Theft deterrent
    Approved burglary protection: No, it is not.
    Certification: NT Fire 017
    Fire class: 120P
    Fireproof: Yes
    Type of safe: Filing cabinet
    Bolting: No holes
    Standard lock: Code lock
    External height: 1030 mm
    Outside width: 610 mm
    External depth: 615 mm
    Internal height: 850 mm
    Internal width: 430 mm
    Internal depth: 376 mm
    Volume: 137 L
    Standard furnishings: 2 shelves
    Color: Beige
    Weight: 260 kg
    Guarantee: 2 years
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Document cabinet MBG 1100-2 code lock

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