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Shredder MBG 245 TS C2
Shredder MBG 245 TS C2
Shredder MBG 245 TS C2

Shredder MBG 245 TS C2

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The MBG 245 TS C2 document shredder is the smallest model of our shredder that shreds documents in security class P-5. Equipped with a host of smart features and a touch screen panel that makes it easy to use.

Scope of use?
This machine is ideal for the smaller office that handles sack-loaded documents. In addition to paper, the carbon-hardened blades can also shred credit cards and film, for example. The shredder is easy to move around as it is lightweight and mounted on wheels. Despite its size, the MBG 245 TS C2 has a strong motor with a power of 500 watts and a heat exchanger with a power of 500 watts. 500 watts with overheating protection that allows continuous operation for 24h possible. The machine has an automatic start and stop function via sensors when feeding paper and automatic reverse function that facilitates any paper jams.

The machine is equipped with "energy smart system" which means that it automatically goes into energy saving mode when not in use and it is automatically turned off when it is not used for 4 hours, so that it can be used again. 4 hours, so There is no need to turn it off when you leave the office. If the door is opened or the bag becomes full, the machine will shut itself off via a safety stop.?

10 environmentally friendly waste bags and 1 125 ml bottle of oil are included.
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Shredder MBG 245 TS C2

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