Anti-theft safe Robur Safe S2 320/30P Key lock in the group All products / Valuekeeping cabinets / Small cabinets at MBG Sweden (MBG680001-680005)
Anti-theft safe Robur Safe S2 320/30P Key lock
Anti-theft safe Robur Safe S2 320/30P Key lock
Anti-theft safe Robur Safe S2 320/30P Key lock

Anti-theft safe Robur Safe S2 320/30P Key lock

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The Robursafe S2 320/30P anti-theft cabinet is the smallest cabinet in the Robur Safe anti-theft cabinet series. The optimal cabinet for the home/office where space and especially height is limited. With its internal height of 185mm, the cabinet is ideal for storing valuables that do not require much space such as jewelry, documents, photographs, cameras, etc.

Fire & Theft Protection, Certification
S2 320/30P has both a certified fire and theft protection, which provides guaranteed good protection against both fire and theft. The cabinet is fire rated according to European standard EN 15659 13 LFS 30P & anti-theft rated according to EN 14450. 30P translates as 30 min fire protection for paper. The cabinet is tested to withstand fire for at least 30 min at temperatures of up to 842 degrees.

Locks - choose between key lock and code lock
The Robur Safe S2 320/30P anti-theft cabinet is available with either Mauer key lock or PS 310 electronic code lock. The key lock includes 2 keys. The code lock is programmed with 1 master code and up to 8 user codes, each consisting of 6 digits.

Furnishings, design

S2 320/30P comes with 1 shelf as standard. The cabinet is painted in RAL 9002, a stylish white color.

Increase safety - anchor the cabinet
The cabinet has a relatively low weight of 57 kg, so to minimize the risk of removal, bolting / alternatively gluing to the floor is recommended. The cabinet has 2 pre-drilled holes in the bottom for bolting and 2 expander bolts are included.

Article no MBG680001-680005


  • Specification
  • Anti-theft class: EN 14450
    Approved burglary protection: Yes
    Certification: ECB EN14450 / EN 15659
    Fire class: EN 15659 / LFS 30P
    Fireproof: Yes
    Type of safe: Anti-theft cabinets
    Bolting: 2 holes in bottom, 1 hole in back. Bolt included.
    Standard lock: Key lock Mauer
    External height: 315 mm
    Outside width: 445 mm
    External depth: 450 mm
    Internal height: 185 mm
    Internal width: 334 mm
    Internal depth: 300 mm
    Volume: 19 L
    Standard furnishings: 1 shelf
    Color: White RAL 9010
    Weight: 57 kg
    Guarantee: 2 years
  • Accessories
  • Key rail 10 hook
    35 x 280 x mm
    Price on request
    22 excl. VAT
  • Shipping & Returns

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Anti-theft safe Robur Safe S2 320/30P Key lock

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