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Banknote counter MBG 2700

Banknote counter MBG 2700

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The MBG 2700 banknote shredder is a fantastic tool that shreds over 1000 banknotes per minute!

Scope of use?
Priceworthy banknote shredder with many functions that make shredding extremely efficient and safe. A really good tool for, for example, cashiers who save a lot of time when clearing daily cash. With its low weight of ? 6 kg, it is easy to move around.

Many functions
It has a variety of functions such as UV control, magnetic control (MG), bundling, control of double and half banknotes. Automatic start, stop and zeroing.

Banknote/coupon sizes:?max 90x190 mm; min 50x110 mm
Input/output capacity:?200 banknotes/300 banknotes
Wall socket connection
Article no 5194


  • Specification
  • Type of safe: Banknote counters
    Weight: 7 kg
    Guarantee: 2 years
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Banknote counter MBG 2700

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