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Banknote detector MBG 433
Banknote detector MBG 433
Banknote detector MBG 433

Banknote detector MBG 433

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The MBG 433 banknote detector is an updated version of our popular 333 detector. It is more compact, faster and automatically recognizes the currency. It can be used to verify and count 3 different currencies, EUR, SEK and NOK.

The banknote detector automatically recognizes the currency and denomination of banknotes. banknotes. It calculates the total amount of banknotes entered and reads the characteristics of the banknote to determine whether it is counterfeit or not. It verifies the banknotes by authenticating: MT, MG, IR, 2D. The machine automatically goes into stand-by mode after 30 seconds. The verification time per banknote is less than 0.3 seconds.?

The detector is connected with the included adapter in a 230 V power outlet.?

LCD Display?
The clear LCD display shows the currency, denomination, number of approved banknotes and the total amount.

3 currencies
The banknote detector MBG 433 handles EUR, SEK and NOK.
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Banknote detector MBG 433

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