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Battery cabinet MBG C600 Gen 2
Battery cabinet MBG C600 Gen 2

Battery cabinet MBG C600 Gen 2

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Store lithium batteries safely and securely in our The cabinets are fire rated with 90 minutes protection against both internal and external fire. They have a built-in fire alarm with a smoke detector that sounds an alarm if the temperature exceeds +50°C in the cabinet, thus providing very good conditions for minimizing the damage that can occur. in case of smoke development and fire. ?

Scope of application
The lithium battery is one of the most common batteries used today. They are found in electric tools, gardening equipment and electric bicycles, among others. Something that is used daily in many businesses. The high energy density of batteries poses a risk during both storage and charging. For example, the batteries can go into thermal shock and suddenly start to burn or explode. If this happens, large sums of money can be lost lost if the batteries are not stored in a safe place. in a safe place. The MBG C600 Gen 2 battery disk has charging slots for a total of 16 batteries. Since the cabinet is narrow and based on the? Because the cabinet is narrow and built on the hill, it can be a good fit for a room that lacks large spaces.?

Fire rating?
The cabinet has a protection against both internal fire and external fire for 90 minutes and is fire rated according to EN 1363-1 & EN 14470-1.?

As standard, the MBG C600 Gen 2 battery cabinet is equipped with 4 removable shelves. 2 vertically mounted power sockets (earthed) for charging with 8 sockets each. Collection trough at the bottom. The door is equipped with a key lock that prevents unauthorized access and theft. The cabinet has a built-in fire alarm with smoke detector that connects to the property's existing alarm system. A warning message is sent when the temperature in the cabinet exceeds +50°C. The cabinet has a built-in base, which means that it can be easily moved and pulled out of the building with a pallet truck.

The alarm system and power to the cabinet are easily connected with quick couplings, these automatically detach when you need to quickly pull out the cabinet.

The cabinet is made of a very robust construction and has a plaster-based basic insulation in layers. It is finished with a scratch-resistant textured paint finish.

We recommend placing the cabinets at ground level for quick access. We recommend that the cabinet be placed at ground level so that it can be pulled out quickly in the event of a fire.

1.GSM module for alarm forwarding.
2. 3-phase 400V cable instead of standard 230V cable.
Article no 680269


  • Specification
  • Fire class: EN 1363-1 & EN 14470-1
    Minutes of fire protection: 90
    Electricity connection: 230 V power outlet
    External height: 1953 mm
    Outside width: 599 mm
    External depth: 615 mm
    Internal height: 1647 mm
    Internal width: 450 mm
    Internal depth: 522 mm
    Standard furnishings: fire alarm with smoke detector
    Weight excluding internal equipment: 265 kg
    Guarantee: 2 years
    Maximum load weight: 600 kg
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Battery cabinet MBG C600 Gen 2

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