Coin inserting machine MBG CDS 424 in the group All products / Coin Deposit Machine - CDS at MBG Sweden (5367)
Coin inserting machine MBG CDS 424
Coin inserting machine MBG CDS 424
Coin inserting machine MBG CDS 424

Coin inserting machine MBG CDS 424

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Offer a great service to your customers with our coin deposit machine MBG CDS 424. The customer deposits their coins quickly and easily in the machine and receives a receipt which is then used as payment in the store. The machine recognizes all Swedish denominations, which are then sorted into separate piles.

Scope of use
Nowadays, many people have a lot of coins stored in their pockets, in their savings or perhaps in their cars. Coins are used more often for payment in shops. Our coin deposit machine is specially adapted for retail and grocery stores to easily allow customers to deposit their saved coins and then use the receipt from the machine for in-store purchases. An easy way to get rid of their coins and use them for new purchases. The customer avoids the stress of standing They don't have to stand at the checkout and put in coin after coin and see how the queue just grows and grows behind. What's more, not all shops today even accept coins as payment."

The MBG CDS 424 coin deposit machine is designed for the retail sector. It is small and compact and can therefore be placed in a central It is small and compact and can therefore be placed in a central location in most shops, making it highly visible/accessible and encouraging the customer to insert more coins.
The machine is developed and manufactured in Scandinavia from the best materials and quality components. The design is well thought out to be able to withstand against vandalism and the risk of intrusion. The coins deposited are placed in the bottom compartment, which is secured by a door with 3 heavy-duty locks. Maintenance of the machine is minimal and technical service, if needed, is easy to perform.?

The coin deposit machine accepts all Swedish denominations of coins and sorts out foreign, incorrect coins and scrap. These go into a separate container. The machine is very user-friendly, the customer simply follows the picture instructions on the machine. When all the coins are deposited, a receipt is issued for the deposit The receipt is issued with detailed information on the number of coins and the total amount. The receipt is then used to pay for the goods in the shop. The receipt comes with a barcode that is easily scanned at the checkout. In some cases, the merchant chooses to give the customer the option of exchanging the receipt for banknotes or a deposit in an account. They may charge a handling fee. It is also possible to insert a deposit fee directly into the machine.
Article no 5367


  • Specification
  • Sound level: 60 dB(A)
    Speed: 1100 coins per minute
    Electricity connection: 230 V power outlet
    External height: 1085 mm
    Outside width: 605 mm
    External depth: 448 mm
    Volume: 36 L of coins
    Weight: 75 kg
    Guarantee: 2 years
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Coin inserting machine MBG CDS 424

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