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Coin sorter MBG 36

Coin sorter MBG 36

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The MBG 36 coin sorter is an invaluable aid when handling large quantities of coins. It cleans and sorts coins in all Swedish denominations, quickly and efficiently.?

Application area
Ideal for use in stores for cashiers, for example. The machine is easy to use and works very quietly without attracting attention.?

The MBG 36 can be set to count a specific number of coins of different denominations and stops when it reaches that number, for example when emptying is required. If coins of other currencies / old coins end up in the container, the machine sorts them out and they stay inside the coin sorter. They are removed by opening the small cover on the back the back or opening the large cover if necessary. ?

Features - high speed?
The machine can process up to 216 coins per minute. The hopper can be filled with between 300 - 500 coins depending on the size. The collection containers can hold between 80 - 150 coins in total. Connects to 220/230V wall socket. At the back there is an R232 port for connection to an external printer for the possibility of printing receipts.
Article no 5241


  • Specification
  • Type of safe: Coin sorters
    External height: 355 mm
    Outside width: 330 mm
    External depth: 266 mm
    Weight: 5.3 kg
    Guarantee: 2 years
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Coin sorter MBG 36

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