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Data media shredder MBG 400 HS OM

Data media shredder MBG 400 HS OM

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The MBG 400 HS OM data media shredder is suitable for destroying secure data media. The carbon hardened blades handle CD/DVD, Blu-Ra, credit cards and ID cards up to and including "Top Secret" level...

The MBG 400 HS OM has been developed to meet the highest security standards for military agencies, government agencies and any operation requiring maximum security. The machine is well suited for medium and large offices.?

Security classed
This data media shredder has security class O-6 + T-6 + E-5 according to ISO/IEC 21964 (DIN 66399)

The MBG 400 HS OM data media shredder can shred up to 2100 optical media per hour. The special cutting system of ? 1.5 x 2 mm, which is the highest level of security available today for optical media, can shred an optical disk into over 3,000 microchips, exceeding the Optical Media Destruction Devices guidelines and ASIO T-4 standards for shredding optical media at the "Top Secret" level. "Top Secret" level. The particles from the shredding are impossible to read or retrieve information from even the most advanced electronic equipment. The MBG 400 HS-OM has been evaluated by the NSA and meets the requirements of the NSA's November 2018 specifications for optical fertilizers.

The 2100 Watt motor has an overheat protection that allows 24 hours of continuous operation. The integrated oiling system lubricates the blades during operation for increased efficiency and longevity. Whenever the machine is not in use, it automatically goes into energy saving mode to conserve power. It is equipped with an automatic start and stop function and has a safety stop if the bag becomes full or if the door is opened.?

1 permanent bag for data media and 1 125 ml bottle of oil.
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Data media shredder MBG 400 HS OM

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