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Deposit box Robur Safe 2001-M Key lock

Deposit box Robur Safe 2001-M Key lock

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The Robur Safe 2001-M deposit box is made of 3 mm thick steel plate. It is primarily intended for installation at cash registers for easy deposit of banknotes. Inside there is a practical plastic collection box for quick and easy emptying.

The box has an extra reinforced deposit box with fishing protection. The door is fitted with a mechanical key lock and has a heavy-duty locking bolt. The hinge side of the door has a full-coverage back hook that secures it to the cabinet independently of the hinge.

Easy installation
The Robur Safe 2001-M storage box is pre-drilled with holes in the back, sides and roof to facilitate installation in the appropriate location.

The box comes with 2 stickers with the text 1The money is protected by time lock 1D. One sticker is intended for placement at the cash register and the other at the entrance.

Article no 520452


  • Specification
  • Bolting: 4 holes in back, sides and roof. Bolt not included.
    Standard lock: Key lock
    External height: 300 mm
    Outside width: 120 mm
    External depth: 250 mm
    Weight: 8 kg
    Guarantee: 2 years
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Deposit box Robur Safe 2001-M Key lock

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