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Document & Data Shredder MBG HS-8 Multi
Document & Data Shredder MBG HS-8 Multi

Document & Data Shredder MBG HS-8 Multi

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Document & Data Media Shredder MBG HS-8 Multi is a high-speed shredder of absolute top class. It shreds P-7 paper and meets the highest standard 0-6 for optical media shredding. In other words, it meets the highest level of data media shredding available on the market today. market today. Approved to NATO standards.

Scope of use?
Perfectly suited to the medium-sized office that needs an efficient machine for shredding security documents and data media. The machine shreds up to 14 pieces of A4 paper per minute and up to 1500 CDs per hour. The shreds/particles that come out of the machine are completely indelible even for the most modern electronic equipment. The machine shreds paper, CD/DVD, Blu-Ray, credit cards, ID cards and SIM cards.?

Newly developed cutting system for the highest level of security?
This machine is equipped with a newly developed cutting system that shreds both CD/DVD and documents in 2 layers.The size of the media residue varies but many of the particles after shredding are smaller than 0.5 x 0.5 mm and most are smaller than 1 x 1 mm. No residue is larger than 1.5 x 2 mm. This means that the machine meets the highest possible level of optical media shredding available on the market today. Documents are shredded to particles of 0.8 x 0.5 mm, which corresponds to security class P-7 for the shredding of secret and top secret documents. The integrated oil system automatically lubricates the blades during operation for increased efficiency and durability. The powerful 2200 Watt motor? The 2200 Watt motor has overheating protection that allows continuous operation for 24 hours.

The machine is energy efficient and goes into power saving mode when not in use. soon as it is not used. It is easy to use with automatic start and stop function, the machine stops automatically when the bags are full or when the door is opened. And automatically reverses if something gets stuck in the blades.?

Document & Data Media Feeder MBG HS-8 Multi has a separate container for documents and data media.?
1 permanent bag for data media, 10 pcs.for data media, 10 environmentally friendly plastic bags for paper and 1 x 1000 ml oil are included.?

Product sheet?
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Document & Data Shredder MBG HS-8 Multi

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