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Dynamite cabinet Robur Safe Grade III 1500 in the group All products / High security safes / Grade III High security safes at MBG Sweden (716710VKR)
Dynamite cabinet Robur Safe Grade III 1500
Dynamite cabinet Robur Safe Grade III 1500

Dynamite cabinet Robur Safe Grade III 1500

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The Robur Safe Grade III 1500 dynamite cabinet is a really robust cabinet that is approved by MSB for the storage of explosive materials. The cabinet is suitable for outdoor use and fire rated according to NT Fire 017 in 60P.?

Suitable for outdoor use?
The cabinet is made of stainless steel and has a strong roof equipped with drainage strips. The lid and handles are protected by a removable cover and the door has sealing strips. The cabinet is prepared for the connection of safety guards with earth connections in all 4 lower corners.?

The Robur Safe grade III 1500 dynamite cabinet is equipped with a fire extinguisher (6kg powder extinguisher) mounted on the outside of the door. outside of the door stored in the protective cover, on the The cabinet is tested by SSF and certified by SBSC according to European standard EN 1143-1 in grade III and also has a certified fire protection according to NT Fire 017 in 60P (60min). welded on each side of the roof for easy lifting and smooth moving of the cabinet. The cabinet also stands on The wheels allow you to get underneath with a forklift or similar, the wheels also make the shed more stable as it does not rest directly on the ground.?

The door is loaded with a convertible key system, 2 keys included (2 axles and 1 key shaft). Can also be fitted with fixed keys in any number on separate order.

How much color is stored in the cabinet?
To find out how much liquor is stored in the cupboard, applications are sent to the waste management service of the municipality where the cupboard is to be placed. The estimate has no limit.
Article no 716710VKR


  • Specification
  • Approved burglary protection: Yes
    Certification: NT Fire 017 - 60P
    Minutes of fire protection: 60
    Shelves: 3pcs
    Standard lock: reversible key lock
    External height: 1890 mm
    Outside width: 660 mm
    External depth: 728 mm
    Internal height: 1500 mm
    Internal width: 500 mm
    Internal depth: 400 mm
    Volume: 300 liters
    Standard furnishings: 3 shelves
    Color: Gray RAL 7032 for outdoor use.
    Weight: 1175 kg
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Dynamite cabinet Robur Safe Grade III 1500

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