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Fire separation cabinet Robur Safe BAS 550
Fire separation cabinet Robur Safe BAS 550

Fire separation cabinet Robur Safe BAS 550

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The Robur Safe BAS 550 flameproof cabinet is approved for the storage of both flammable liquids and gases, it holds 225 1-liter bottles. This very popular cabinet has a very high quality and is made in a

Scope of use
Used for the storage of flammable goods in shops, gas stations, workshops, etc.When storing these goods, it is now a requirement that they are stored securely in a fire-resistant cabinet that is approved for the environment, such as BAS 550. ?


The cabinet has been tested, certified and P-marked by the Swedish Testing and Research Institute, SP. Testing is done according to SP method 2369, version 6 and the cabinet meets the requirements of SP's certification rules SPCR 102:2019. The cabinet is approved for the storage of flammable liquids and aerosols."

Independent - LED illuminated for maximum exposure
As standard, 5 removable shelves are included, each with a maximum load of 80 kg. 80 kg. At the bottom of the cabinet is a spill tray to collect any leaks from bottles or cans. With an internal volume of ? 550 L, the cabinet can hold a total of 225 1-liter bottles. To give the goods the best possible exposure through the glass door, the cabinet is equipped with an internal LED lighting that has low energy consumption and long life.
The door is equipped with a sturdy, easy-to-grip handle. The door handle has a sliding rail to provide a smooth and easy grip. The cabinet stands on pedestals with 4 adjustable feet that make it possible to place it on an uneven floor. It is also possible to get underneath with a hand truck to easily move the cabinet to the desired location.durability
The Robur Safe BAS 550 fire barrier consists of a solid cast frame, which provides a stable barrier that does not need to be anchored to the wall. The construction with a frame and door allows the cabinet to withstand many years of daily use
without compromising its function.

Article no MBG661556


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Fire separation cabinet Robur Safe BAS 550

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