Hand spray dispenser MBG wall for spray in the group All products / Hand sanitiser dispenser at MBG Sweden (4001)
Hand spray dispenser MBG wall for spray
Hand spray dispenser MBG wall for spray

Hand spray dispenser MBG wall for spray

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Reduce the spread of infection with the MBG hand sanitizer dispenser instead of a spray

Application areas - new habits
The pandemic has subsided but the habit of using hand sanitizer will continue. To minimize the spread of all types of infections, this is an excellent tool. This dispenser is easily mounted on the wall This dispenser is easily mounted on walls and can be placed, for example, inside the door in shops, workplaces, sports halls, event venues, restaurants, etc. 4 screws for suspension are included.?

Function - automatic dosage?
The dispenser has an infrared sensor that automatically provides a dose of hand disinfection when a hand is placed under it. The dispenser has a removable lid, visible water level which makes it easy to see when it needs to be refilled. A drip tray prevents possible spills from ending up on the floor.

Suitable for liquid disinfection
This machine is suitable for hand disinfection in liquid form, not gel. Hand disinfection is not included.?

Battery powered
The dispenser is powered by 4 AA batteries and indicates when the battery is low. Can also be powered with an adapter that can be purchased as an accessory.?

Other info?
Height:? ? ?420 mm
Width:? ?150 mm?
Depth:? ? ?115 mm?
Volume:? ?1 liter?
Weight:? ? ? 1 kg?

Article no 4001


  • Specification
  • Type of safe: Manual spray dispenser
    Color: White
    Weight: 1 kg
    Guarantee: 2 years
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Hand spray dispenser MBG wall for spray

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