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Hard disk shredder MBG HDD
Hard disk shredder MBG HDD
Hard disk shredder MBG HDD
Hard disk shredder MBG HDD

Hard disk shredder MBG HDD

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The MBG HDD shredder is a powerful machine that shreds a variety of data media to infinity.?
It can shred up to 280 3.5" hard disks per hour.?

Application areas
For placement in offices where safety is paramount. offices where safety comes first. For example, for government agencies handling confidential information that requires destruction after use.

The machine has an exclusive shredding technology with extremely strong carbon fiber knives that make it durable. They shred a variety of data media devices, hard disks up to 3.5", LTO, Ultrium magnetic tapes, CD/DVDs, Blu-Ray, credit/ID cards, USB flash drives, cell phones and PDAs. Median is shredded into sm? 40 mm pieces. The MBG HDD hard disk shredder operates at a very low noise level, which means that it can be placed

Easy to use
The machine is equipped with the latest technology LED touch screen panel where the functions are easily activated by touching. The panel shows in? The panel shows the user in a simple way how the load of the cutters looks like during operation. The MBG HDD has an emergency stop button to ensure safety. It stops automatically and indicates with light when the container is full. It will not run if the door is open or the container is not in place. in place. It has an automatic reverse function in case something gets stuck in the blades.?

Easy to move
Despite its size and weight, the machine is easy to move to the desired location thanks to the sturdy wheels underneath.?

Technical specifications
Mass of the input hopper: 127 kg input opening: 127 mm x 30 mm?
Volume in the container (bin volume): approx. 40 liters?
Shred size: 40 mm?
Capacity: Up to 280 hdd/h (3.5" hard disk)
Sound level: 50 dB(A)
Sound level: 50 dB(A)
Sound level: 50 dB(A): 50 dB(A)
Power supply: 230 V / 50-60 Hz?
Motor power: 1500 Watt?

Article no 3050


  • Specification
  • Certification: ISO/IEC 21964 (DIN 66399)
    Certificate: T-1 E-2 H-3
    External height: 1230 mm
    Outside width: 1200 mm
    External depth: 840 mm
    Volume: 40 L
    Color: Grey
    Weight: 550 kg
    Guarantee: 2 years
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Hard disk shredder MBG HDD

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