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Key cabinet Intelligent MBG 26
Key cabinet Intelligent MBG 26
Key cabinet Intelligent MBG 26
Key cabinet Intelligent MBG 26
Key cabinet Intelligent MBG 26

Key cabinet Intelligent MBG 26

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Key cabinet Intelligent MBG 26 is a state-of-the-art, functional cabinet that can be opened in 4 different ways. It is equipped with touchscreen display and code lock, RFID, facial recognition and finger scanning. Space for 26 keys. See information video

Application area
The cabinet is very suitable for businesses that handle keys with many different users where it is important to know who has retrieved which key. The cabinet has full traceability and log that is collected directly via the display, computer or mobile. Get control of your keys and make your office feel more advanced and modern with this smart key cabinet. Creates an efficient system for controlling the use of premises, vehicles, buildings and other property. 

Lock - opens in 4 different ways
The Intelligent MBG 26 key cabinet is equipped with 4 different locks. It can be opened with code lock, RFID, facial recognition or finger scanning (biopin). In case of emergency, it is also possible to open with the supplied emergency opening key. Equipped with LED lights that make it easy to use even in the dark, 7" touchscreen display for smooth operation. "Smart security door lock detection" - the system alerts via email if the cabinet is not locked, if the door is opened incorrectly, closed too slowly, if keys are not returned within the correct time frame, if you try to put the wrong items in the cabinet or if you try to put a key in the wrong keyhole. The shell is made of a removable steel plate and PC plastic which extends the life of the system and makes maintenance easier.

Cloud-based data system
The embedded intelligent data system not only has a range of functions in itself, it is also cloud-based with a range of additional functions and can be used anywhere. It is supported by both desktop and mobile. It allows you to authorize users, check the status and details of keys, when they were used and when they are returned, among other things. 

Specific product info

1.5 mm steel plate + ABS (plastic) 
Reading time 
finger reading: approx: 0.6 sec 
Reading time 
facial recognition: <1 sec 
Data Memory: Cloud + Local 
Network: Wifi + Ethernet
Power Supply: AC 110~240 V 50~60 Hz
Volt: DC 12V 5A (max)

Additional product info under the specification tab.
Article no 5354


  • Specification
  • Anti-theft class: Theft deterrent
    Approved burglary protection: No, it is not.
    Fireproof: No, it is not.
    Holes for bolting: 4 holes for anchoring to the back, screws included.
    Standard lock: Code, RFID, facial recognition & finger scanning and emergency opening key.
    External height: 566 mm
    Outside width: 380 mm
    External depth: 177 mm
    Standard furnishings: 26 key locations
    Color: White & Black
    Weight: 17 kg
    Guarantee: 2 years
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Key cabinet Intelligent MBG 26

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