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Key cabinet MBG 22 code lock
Key cabinet MBG 22 code lock
Key cabinet MBG 22 code lock
Key cabinet MBG 22 code lock

Key cabinet MBG 22 code lock

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The MBG 22 key cabinet is a safe and durable cabinet with 22 key hooks. Gather all your workplace keys in one place? the same place and allows several employees to access the keys. access to the keys. The cabinet is equipped with key inlets and prepared for storage. The cabinet is the smallest in the series of MBG key cabinets. a secure place?
With a portable key cabinet, you can store all your keys safely in one place. in one place. Perfect for a workplace that uses a lot of keys and needs a secure place to store them. The cabinet makes it possible for multiple employees to access keys. access to the keys in a in a convenient way. This cabinet is equipped with 2 rails with 11 key hooks each, a total of 22 hooks.?

Removable key box - easy access?
The MBG 22 key cabinet is equipped with a removable key box on the side. side. The keys can therefore be easily read back without having to open the cabinet. Practical when, for example, keys are temporarily removed. The drawer has a height of 45 mm and width p?

Easy to use with an electric code reader
The MBG 22 is a sturdy key cabinet equipped with a functional electronic code reader with touchscreen panel. The code is set with 4-6 digits, 1 master + 1 user code. The set is powered by 4 AA batteries, if necessary, these are easily replaced on the inside of the cabinet. inside the cabinet. As a special feature, the cabinet is also equipped with a key fob in case it needs to be opened in emergency situations (emergency key)

The cabinet is made of a durable steel plate with walls that are 1.5 mm thick. 1,5 mm. The door is made of 3 mm thick plate and is secured with 2 loops, when the code is inserted, the door is opened with the help of a small turning handle. It is pre-drilled with 4 holes in the back for a smooth anchoring.
4 20 mm wood screws with washers are included. This is a solid key cabinet, if you are looking for a certified cabinet, you can check out our security-rated key cabinet.p.?

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Article no 5328


  • Specification
  • Anti-theft class: Theft deterrent
    Approved burglary protection: No, it is not.
    Fireproof: No, it is not.
    Type of safe: Key cabinet
    Bolting: 4 holes in the back.
    Standard lock: Code lock incl. emergency opening key
    External height: 220 mm
    Outside width: 300 mm
    External depth: 100 mm
    Internal height: 216 mm
    Internal width: 296 mm
    Internal depth: 50 mm
    Color: White
    Weight: 5 kg
    Guarantee: 2 years
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Key cabinet MBG 22 code lock

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