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Keyhole MBG Large
Keyhole MBG Large

Keyhole MBG Large

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The key fob is the perfect solution if you want to share keys with others without having to be on site. place. Or if you are happy and want a smart/collected place to store them...

Area of use
Ideal for placement outside the villa, cottage, garage or front yard. Rent out your summer cottage without having to be on site Do you need to be on site to hand over the keys? The MBG Large key fob has a large storage space where there is room for both a number of keys and, for example, access cards.?

Guaranteed good quality?

MBG Large is a very robust key fob that has received security certifications from several independent security companies in Europe, which gives a stamp of approval. that this is a good product. The man has an outer cover that protects the keypad from rain and cold.

Secure read - open with both numbers and letters
The key man has a keypad consisting of both numbers and letters, which makes it possible to add as many as 16,000 code combinations. to as many as 16,000 code combinations.
Article no 5308


  • Specification
  • Type of safe: Keyhole
    External height: 173 mm
    Outside width: 103 mm
    External depth: 75 mm
    Internal height: 130 mm
    Internal width: 66 mm
    Internal depth: 22 mm
    Weight: 2.8 kg
    Guarantee: 2 years
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Keyhole MBG Large

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