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Safe deposit box MBG 20 Code

Safe deposit box MBG 20 Code

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The MBG 20 safe is a conveniently located, small safe for storing small valuables. For example, hotels or offices where there is a need for secure storage of small valuables such as passports, ID cards, money, keys, jewelry, camera, etc. Works great to place, for example, in a closet or a bookcase.

Security - easy to attach?
The cabinet is easy to attach as it is drilled with 2 holes in the back and bottom, bolt / screw not included. MBG 20 is made of 2 mm steel plate and the thickness of the door is 5 mm.

Electric key - come from key management
The door is opened with a motorized electric key and is also equipped with a mechanical key for emergency opening. The code set is programmable with a master code and a user code. Each code consists of 3-6 digits. The code set is powered by a battery that is easily replaced on the inside of the cabinet. inside the cabinet.

Article no 5082


  • Specification
  • Anti-theft class: Theft deterrent
    Approved burglary protection: No, it is not.
    Fireproof: No, it is not.
    Type of safe: Safe deposit box
    Bolting: 2 holes in the bottom & 2 holes in the back
    Standard lock: Code lock incl. emergency opening key
    External height: 200 mm
    Outside width: 350 mm
    External depth: 200 mm
    Internal height: 196 mm
    Internal width: 346 mm
    Internal depth: 142 mm
    Volume: 9 L
    Color: Black
    Weight: 8 kg
    Guarantee: 2 years
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Safe deposit box MBG 20 Code

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