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MBG Bluetooth VE key fob
MBG Bluetooth VE key fob
MBG Bluetooth VE key fob

MBG Bluetooth VE key fob

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Manage your keys in an easy way with our smart key fob MBG Bluetooth VE, it is a heavy-duty, weather-resistant key fob that can withstand outdoor environments with temperatures of up to 40 degrees below zero. With the help of the smart bluetooth function, the key fob can be opened wirelessly via mobile phone.?

Scope of use
Get rid of keys that are lost or misplaced, borrow keys without having to be on site. on site. The MBG Bluetooth VE key generator is ideal for businesses with a large number of users of the same keys, but also works well for private use. The device is perfect for storing, for example, car keys, house keys, garage keys, front keys, etc. It has a backlit keypad and is therefore user-friendly even in markets. It can also be opened using the keypad on the key fob. The code can be entered either on the key fob or on the mobile phone.

Functions - done via app
To use all functions, simply download an app to your smartphone. Depending on how many users are connected to the keychain, there are 2 different apps to use. One app is designed for a small number of users, while the other is designed for businesses with large numbers of users. The apps are compatible with the operating system iPhone iOS 8 or later or Android version 4.3 or later.?

The apps make it easy to distribute codes to different users, either temporary time-based codes or temporary codes. Very smart d? you don't have to be on site to learn them. You don't have to be on site to read the keys or receive them. You don't have to be connected to the guest to generate the access codes in the app. The app also allows you to see where and when the device was last used with the date and time.?

Long battery life

The key generator is powered by a button cell battery (CR123) included in the package. The battery lasts approximately 2 years in normal use and a status light flashes when the battery is low, while the app indicates and reminds you of a low battery.

The man is drilled with 4 holes in the back and is easily fixed with screws on the wall or the key. wall or desired location.
Article no 5337


  • Specification
  • External height: 127 mm
    Outside width: 83 mm
    External depth: 59 mm
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MBG Bluetooth VE key fob

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