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MBG SSD HS shredder
MBG SSD HS shredder
MBG SSD HS shredder
MBG SSD HS shredder

MBG SSD HS shredder

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Our MBG SSD HS security shredder is a real monster machine that shreds everything from circuit boards to cell phones and turns them into sand-like particles.

Scope of application
Used, among other things, for placement at various government agencies where classified data media must be destroyed. various authorities and companies where classified data media and electronics must be destroyed.

Security level? ISO/IEC 21964 (DIN 66399): O-7 + T-7 + E-7. NSA/EPL listed.

MBG SSD HS supports SIM cards, ID cards, hard disks, mobile phones, iPads, USB flash drives and CD/DVDs. Shredded material is converted into sand-like particles.?

The machine is equipped with an integrated state-of-the-art vacuum system with a HEPA air filtration system to ensure a clean and safe environment. where the machine is used. The feed port is equipped with a safety brush that covers the entire opening to make feeding easier and safer. The removable cover over the feed hopper prevents unauthorized access to the material being fed. dimensions: 240 x 25 mm?
Volume in the container (coolant volume): approx. 40 liters?
Capacity: up to 40 kg/h?
Sound level: 55 dB without load, 73-75 dB with load?
Power supply: 380-400 volts, 32 Amp (3 FAS)?

Article no 3029


  • Specification
  • Certification: ISO/IEC 21964 (DIN 66399)
    Type of safe: Destruction machine
    Certificate: O-7 + T-7 + E-7 NSA/CSS
    External height: 1220 mm
    Outside width: 1050 mm
    External depth: 820 mm
    Other: NSA EPL Listed
    Color: Grey
    Weight: 570 kg
    Guarantee: 2 years
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MBG SSD HS shredder

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