Recycling bins for biowaste MBG Wastee in the group All products / Waste sorting bins at MBG Sweden (3086)
Recycling bins for biowaste MBG Wastee
Recycling bins for biowaste MBG Wastee

Recycling bins for biowaste MBG Wastee

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Make waste sorting at the workplace? workplace efficient and easy with our MBG Wastee waste sorting bins. These bins don't need to be hidden away, the design makes them a stylish interior detail in the office office, kitchen, dining room, public places or wherever you want to place them. Easily combined and put together with each other with the help of built-in magnets on the sides.

Free-coded lid
The lid of this container is broken. The lid of this container is brown and indicates that the container is intended for food waste. P? The lid has an icon with a banana symbolizing "food waste". The lid is easily opened when changing the waste bag. NOTE! In the lid of this container This container has a screwed metal disk to keep odors inside the container and to keep out, for example, fruit flies. You have to open the lid to put the food waste in the container.

100% recycled material?
MBG Wastee is made of 100% recycled plastic (ABS). The container has a volume of 60 liters, 2 plastic bags of recycled material are included. The container has a neat color block. The lid and the outer shell are painted in a glossy white / green color. color. Each container is labeled with the respective waste type, in this case it says "food waste" on the front.

Space saving
The container/module is equipped with 2 internal magnets on each side for easy access. each side to easily connect it with other modules in the same series. This saves space and also prevents the containers from sliding apart.?

The MBG Wastee waste sorting bins were designed by the prominent Italian architect Carlo Colombo. The sleek, minimalist and stylish design allows for the placement of the containers in many environments. They blend perfectly into an office landscape, dining room, event spaces event spaces and other public places. The bins are designed with the hope of making sorting both easier and more enjoyable, thereby encouraging more people to use them. more people to sort their waste and do good for the environment.
Article no 3086


  • Specification
  • External height: 705 mm
    Outside width: 340 mm
    External depth: 345 mm
    Volume: 60 L
    Weight: 6 kg
    Guarantee: 2 years
  • Accessories
  • Compost bag Wastee
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    27 excl. VAT
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Recycling bins for biowaste MBG Wastee

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