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Safe deposit box MBG Nova 2035
Safe deposit box MBG Nova 2035

Safe deposit box MBG Nova 2035

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The MBG Nova 2035 is an updated version of our popular MBG 20. The same size but in a more modern design and with a new electrical panel with illuminated panel for easy use even in the most difficult conditions.It has an illuminated panel that makes it easy to use even in low light conditions. For example, hotels, offices or in the home where there is a need for secure storage of small valuables such as passports, ID cards, money, keys, jewelry, camera, etc.? Works great to place, for example, in a closet or on a bookshelf.

Security - fastening
The case is pre-drilled with 2 holes in the back and bottom, bolt / screw not included. MBG Nova 2035 is made of 2 mm steel plate and the thickness of the door is 5 mm.

Elkodl?s - kom ifr?n key management
The door is equipped with a motorized electric key and is also equipped with a mechanical key for emergency opening. The code set is programmable with a master code and a user code. Each code consists of 4-6 digits. The code set is powered by a battery that is easily replaced on the inside the cabinet. The panel is illuminated, which makes the set useful even in areas with less lighting.?

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Article no 5304


  • Specification
  • Anti-theft class: Theft deterrent
    Approved burglary protection: No, it is not.
    Fireproof: No, it is not.
    Type of safe: Safe deposit box
    Shelves: No, it is not.
    Bolting: 2 holes in the bottom & 2 holes in the back
    Standard lock: Code lock incl. emergency opening key
    External height: 200 mm
    Outside width: 350 mm
    External depth: 200 mm
    Internal height: 196 mm
    Internal width: 346 mm
    Internal depth: 145 mm
    Volume: 10 L
    Color: Grey
    Weight: 8,7 kg
    Guarantee: 2 years
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Safe deposit box MBG Nova 2035

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