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Sediment detector UV lamp MBG 12 LED

Sediment detector UV lamp MBG 12 LED

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Banknote Detector UV Lamp MBG 12 LED is a powerful but energy-saving detector thanks to the built-in UV-LED light and stand-by lamp.

Application areas
The lamp has both UV light and white light for the authentication of banknotes, passports, ID cards, credit cards, checks or other documents. The white light shines on water stamps. A high quality detector that is an invaluable tool in retail, police, customs, banking, etc.?

The banknote detector UV lamp MBG 12 LED can be used either by connecting via USB port, with the included adapter for power outlet or corded with 3.7 V battery.? The lamp has a built-in UV-LED fluorescent tube of ? 2W (equivalent to 6-9W standard UV lamps). Once you have started the detector, it goes into standby mode as soon as it is not used.?

Article no 5361


  • Specification
  • Certification: CE and FCC
    Power consumption: max 5W
    Electricity connection: 5V/1A
    External height: 103 mm
    Outside width: 211 mm
    External depth: 103 mm
    Size: 211x103x103 mm
    Weight: 0,41 kg
    Guarantee: 2 years
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Sediment detector UV lamp MBG 12 LED

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