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Sediment detector UV lamp MBG 9F Led

Sediment detector UV lamp MBG 9F Led

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Our professional banknote detector UV lamp MBG 9F Led is an indispensable tool for checking the quality of banknotes. banknotes, among others. Ideal for use in retail, gas stations, hotels gas stations, hotels, casinos, restaurants, bars, at passport control or at events to check the density of banknotes. for example, tickets. ?

Lamp with long-life LED light?
The lamp is equipped with 3 high-intensity UV-A LED diodes as a light source. These have a lifespan of at least 20,000 hours compared to a "regular" UV lamp that has a life of about 8000 hours.?

Banknote detector UV lamp MBG 9F Led can, in addition to verifying the authenticity of banknotes, also be used for The UV light also makes it possible to detect banknotes that have been tampered with after, for example, being transported by a security guard.

The lamp is automatically switched on when a banknote or document is placed under it, it is automatically switched off when not in use.
Article no 5353


  • Specification
  • External height: 90 mm
    Outside width: 190 mm
    External depth: 97 mm
    Weight: 0,35 kg
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Sediment detector UV lamp MBG 9F Led

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