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Shredder MBG Cyclone HS
Shredder MBG Cyclone HS
Shredder MBG Cyclone HS
Shredder MBG Cyclone HS
Shredder MBG Cyclone HS

Shredder MBG Cyclone HS

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The MBG Cyclone document shredder is a multifunctional machine that can shred 500 sheets of paper at a time but also shreds other types of material such as computer media. It can shred the materials to different particle sizes to meet the desired level of security. Ideal machine for larger offices / authorities where there is a need to be able to store large amounts of classified documents efficiently. in an efficient way. The machine can also be used for shredding cardboard, floppy disks, Blu-Ray, CD, DVD, credit/ID cards etc. a turbine in combination with high-speed rotating blades. The engine is highly efficient and energy-saving, equipped with overheating protection. The integrated vacuum system provides the user with a clean and dust-free working environment. Equipped with emergency stop to guarantee safe use.?

2 different safety levels
You can choose which safety level you want to achieve. you want to achieve? by selecting the shredding size of the the particles. The machine comes with 2 "screens" (metal plates) that can be easily changed depending on the what level of security? you want, level? 5 corresponds to P-5, P-6 & level? 6 corresponds to P-7. The replacement of the plate is easily done by the user and takes only a few minutes. The machine is approved according to NATO standards.?

User friendly
The machine is easy to use with manual start and automatic stop with stand-by function. You start with the button on the control panel, load the paper and/or other materials and then you can start the machine. It automatically stops everything and then goes into stand-by mode when shredding is complete. No oiling of the cutting blades or lubrication of the machine is needed. machine measures the current load on the The load meter on the machine measures the current load on the turbine and blades and shows the user the shredding capacity during intensive and continuous work. The machine stops automatically and flashes when the bag is full and needs to be replaced.

Technical specification?

Safety level? P-5, P-6 & P-7
Feed size: 325 x 220 mm

Feed capacity: up to 500 papers (A4 size 70 grams)
Capacity: up to 420 Kg/h
Volume of the container: 400 liters
. container: 400 liters
Sound level: 75-85 dB(A)
Power supply: 380/400V 3 PHASE?
Power: 6 KW

Product sheet?
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Article no 3046


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Shredder MBG Cyclone HS

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