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Shredder MBG Hybrid-S
Shredder MBG Hybrid-S
Shredder MBG Hybrid-S
Shredder MBG Hybrid-S

Shredder MBG Hybrid-S

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The MBG Hybrid-S shredder is a smart little machine that shreds up to 15% of paper while saving energy and reducing power consumption. It shreds up to 14 pieces of A4 paper at a time and is also capable of shredding other materials such as credit cards with chips, microfilm and foil. The machine has a P-4 security rating.?

Scope of use
Suitable for use in the smaller office, with its neat design. With its sleek and stylish design, it can be used in the small office. It can be displayed and does not need to be hidden away in the mailroom. It is small and flexible and can easily be placed under the desk, for example, and is also easy to move around as it weighs only 9 kg.??

MBG Hybrid-S stores up to 14 pieces of paper at a time. With the hybrid technology, it stores energy and can thus Thus, it can shred up to 15% of the materials with stored electricity, reducing power consumption. The motor can run continuously for 24 hours without overheating, in stand-by mode no electricity is consumed. The machine starts automatically when material is fed in, stops and returns to standby mode when ready. It stops automatically when the waste bin is full. Equipped with a transparent window with LED lighting that allows you to see the level of waste inside the machine at all times. The blades are carbon hardened and can handle paper clips and staples left on/between the papers.?

Environmentally friendly
Besides the fact that this machine? In addition to being energy-efficient, it does not require the use of plastic waste bins as there is no waste bin.
Article no 3045


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Shredder MBG Hybrid-S

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