Anti-theft safe Robur Safe S2 1950/60P Electric code lock in the group All products / Valuekeeping cabinets / Large cabinets at MBG Sweden (MBG680037-680020)
Anti-theft safe Robur Safe S2 1950/60P Electric code lock

Anti-theft safe Robur Safe S2 1950/60P Electric code lock

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The Robur Safe S2 1950/60P safety shoe is the largest shoe in the Robur Safe safety shoe range. A high quality shoe that is certified for both fire & impact. As standard, the cabinet is equipped with 4 shelves with space for a total of 60 pcs. offices, archive rooms or storage rooms in various businesses. Documents such as books, contracts or similar can be stored here. The cabinet can also be used to store other items such as books, folders or valuables. The cabinet can also be fitted with removable compartments if you want additional storage inside the cabinet."

The cabinet has been tested and certified for impact according to EN 14450 and for fire according to EN 15659 - LFS 60P by ECB-S. The 60P is equipped with 60 min fire protection for paper. This means that the board has been tested to withstand fire for at least resistant to fire for at least 60 minutes at temperatures

Choose between keylocks and codelocks
The S2 1950/60P fire protection cabinet can be combined with either Mauer keylocks or codelocks. with either Mauer keys or M-lock electric keys. The key set includes 2 fixed keys. The electric code set consists of the EM2020 list and the AL2020 keypad, it is programmed with 1 master code and 1 user code, each consisting of 6 digits.?

As standard, the S2 1950/60P has 4 shelves and is painted in RAL 9010, a stylish white color that blends well into an office environment.?

Article no MBG680037-680020


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Anti-theft safe Robur Safe S2 1950/60P Electric code lock

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