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Safe Robur Safe Grade I 1500
Safe Robur Safe Grade I 1500

Safe Robur Safe Grade I 1500

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The Robur Safe Grade I 1500 is the largest in the series of Robur Safe safes. Manufactured in the highest quality, certified against steel and fire rated in 60P.?

Scope of use?
The safe is ideal for offices, shops or in the home for storing cash, jewelry, watches, important documents or weapons.?

The cabinet is certified by ECB-S according to European standard EN-1143-1 and fire rated according to NT Fire 017, 60P. Approved 60 min fire protection for documents in temperatures of up to 945 degrees. up to 945 degrees.?

Construction - design
The cabinet is made with a solid molded insulation with reinforcement. The laths secure the door to the shed at length, independently of the threads. As standard, 3 shelves are included in the cabinet. It is painted in a stylish white color, RAL 9010.?

Store up to 80,000 in cash
The recommended amount for this cabinet is 80,000 SEK, but it is always the insurance company that decides which amount limits apply. When storing jewelry, watches or similar, it is generally advisable to store larger amounts.

As standard, the Robur Safe Grade I 1500 safe is equipped with a reversible key lock including 2 keys. The cabinet can be equipped with an optional electric key.?

Safety - securing the cabinet?
According to the norm, all safes weighing less than 1000 kg must be secured. The cabinet is prepared with 2 holes in the bottom for bolting, bolt included. If the cabinet cannot be bolted due to For example, if the cabinet cannot be bolted due to water pipes, it can also be secured with the help of adhesive.
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Safe Robur Safe Grade I 1500

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