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Safe Robur Safe LW Grade I 50 in the group All products / High security safes / LW Grade I High security safes at MBG Sweden (MBG661401)
Safe Robur Safe LW Grade I 50
Safe Robur Safe LW Grade I 50

Safe Robur Safe LW Grade I 50

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Robur Safe LW Grade I 50 is tested and has certified impact protection like our other safes. However, it is not fire-rated and is made of a different type of concrete, which means it gives less than half as much protection. much. This also puts the cabinet at a lower level.

Application area -? small & lightweight
The cabinet is small, compact and lightweight and is therefore ideal for smaller spaces and on floors that are floors that are suitable for higher weights. It is perfect for private use or for the smaller office. This cabinet is suitable for storing valuables such as jewelry This safe is suitable for storing valuables such as jewelry, watches, cash and various valuable documents.?

The Robur Safe LW grade I 50 safe is certified by the ECB-S according to European standard EN 1143-1 in grade I.?

LW = Light weight
The safe is made with a special reinforcement / concrete that keeps the weight of the safe down. the shoe. The "body" has a double-sided construction that is 25 mm thick while the door is 84 mm thick. The designation LW in the name stands for light weight and the shoes are mainly designed to meet the need for a certified shoe where a light weight is important. It can be for placement on floor with low bearing capacity or shoes that need to be placed on floor where stairs need to be used in order to be able to put the cabinet in place.

Furnishings & storage
There is 1 removable shelf in the cabinet but it is possible to add more shelves if desired. As standard, the cabinet is equipped with a class 1 key lock including 2 keys, but can be equipped with an electronic code lock as an option. Please note that the key set is not convertible as on our other desks. our other safes. The locks secure the door to the safe in a closed position independent of the gears.

Store up to 80,000 in cash
The recommended amount for this safe is 80,000 SEK, but it is always the insurance company that decides which amount limits apply. When storing jewelry, watches or similar, it is generally advisable to store higher amounts.

Security - securing the safe?
According to the norm, all safes weighing less than 1000 kg must be secured. The cabinet is prepared with 1 hole in the bottom for bolting, 1 M12 expander bolt is included. If the cabinet cannot be bolted due to For example, if the cabinet cannot be bolted due to water pipes, it can also be anchored with the help of set glue.
Article no MBG661401


  • Specification
  • Approved burglary protection: Yes
    Certification: EN 1143-1
    Bolting: 1 x M12 expander bolt included
    Holes for bolting: 1 hole in the bottom
    Standard lock: Key lock
    External height: 550 mm
    Outside width: 450 mm
    External depth: 445 mm
    Internal height: 500 mm
    Internal width: 400 mm
    Internal depth: 330 mm
    Volume: 66 L
    Standard furnishings: 1 shelf
    Color: White RAL 9010
    Weight: 74 kg
    Guarantee: 2 years
  • Accessories
  • Extra shelf Robur Safe safe size 40-80
    Price on request
    52 excl. VAT
    Key rail 13 hook
    35 x 390 x mm
    Price on request
    26 excl. VAT
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Safe Robur Safe LW Grade I 50

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